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Online shopping in Nepal would be revolutionised by Daraz Live


Online shopping in Nepal would be revolutionised by Daraz Live

Daraz Live, the online shopping platform operated by eCommerce behemoth Daraz, would offer a unique online shopping experience in Nepal, as well as being the first of its kind in South Asia. is not only a -of-a-kind characteristic by virtue of its existence, it is a novel momentum generated the entire online buying in the country.

Daraz Live, operated by Alibaba-owned Daraz, is a new addition to an online shopping experience that will usher in a new era of next-level consumerism in Nepal. Daraz Live will be the first shoppable Live Stream in South Asia, it will be available through this feature.

This ground-breaking function will be available on devices starting on September 1, 2021, and on iOS devices starting on September 6, 2021.

According to Daraz, they are introducing the feature as part of their “Shoppertainment” strategy, which will combine retail and entertainment to provide shoppers with an innovative and pleasurable online shopping experience.

Using their mobile devices, customers will be able to have a first-hand adjacent experience of brands and their products right on the screen of their devices, which they can view from any location, be it at home, at the office, or outside.

Daraz Live, the first of its type in Nepal, will broadcast three times a day, from Monday to Friday, at 12 p.m., 4 p.m., and 5 p.m., via the Daraz mobile application.

Daraz Live is NOT A Typical Livestream

Unlike a regular social media live stream, this one is more formal. For shoppers, Daraz Live will provide a more seamless and dynamic “See Now, Now” experience through the use of artificial intelligence. Dara Live will operate on a closed-loop approach, providing clients with the choice to purchase things while simultaneously receiving information, entertainment, and engagement.

With each new edition of its stream, buyers will have an unprecedented opportunity to get to know a in greater depth. Customers and sellers will be able to engage in real-time dialogues as a result of this. According to Daraz, there will also be celebrity appearances in the streams, as well as daily presents and incentives.

Exclusive offers, product demonstrations, flash sales, unboxings, and giveaways will all be available at Daraz Live, which will take place on the shopping side of things.

Daraz Live will Bring Sellers And Customers Together

Importantly, Daraz Live

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