Now even domestically manufactured vehicles in Nepal will be registered by DOT

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Now even domestically manufactured vehicles in Nepal will be registered by DOT

There is a with the legal of vehicles produced in . The of Transport Management has indicated the problem will be resolved through the amendment of the Transport Management Operation Directive 2060, which outlines the procedures for registering vehicles made in the country.

According to information provided by the -General of the Department of Transport Management, Narayan Bhattarai, a decision has been made to amend the directive following discussions held at the Minister's Office on Monday.

According to the held on Monday at the Prime Minister's Office, a decision has been made to amend the procedures for registering vehicles produced in Nepal, which will solve the legal registration problem of such vehicles. The Director-General of the Department of Transportation Management, Narayan Prasad Bhattarai, provided information regarding the decision made to amend the registration process.

Bhattarai stated, “We have decided to amend the procedure, requiring a smart card for vehicle registration, which was previously announced to be mandatory for all vehicle owners.” He further added, “We can now carry out the process of amending the procedures within a week, and the revised regulations will be passed by the Cabinet.”

The amended procedure will now require the respective company to pay an internal revenue tax or enter the internal revenue office to the vehicle produced and sold in Nepal.

After the electric bike manufacturing company failed to register the sold to customers and issue number , there was a lot of criticism in Nepal regarding the registration of vehicles produced and assembled in Nepal.

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The Management Directive 2060 (Amendment 2074) makes it mandatory to obtain a vehicle registration certificate and pay vehicle tax. has posed a problem for electric vehicle travelers, as well as for vehicles produced and assembled in Nepal, which was also discussed in the .

According to the amended directive, vehicles with a capacity of than 100 kilowatts are subject to a registration fee, while vehicles with less capacity are exempt it.

For the models of bikes owned by the traveler, as the electric motor with less than 100 kilowatts is internally to the relevant revenue office, they can obtain a vehicle registration certificate by paying the required tax. The department has stated that the rule will be ready within a week and will be implemented accordingly.

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