Shailung's Mini Great Wall: Nepal's Newest Tourist Magnet ➤

Shailung’s Mini Great Wall: Nepal’s Newest Tourist Magnet

The Unfinished Dolakha Attraction Drawing Visitors Despite Ongoing Construction

Nepal’s Unfinished Mini Great Wall in Shailung Emerges as Unexpected Tourist Drawcard

Despite being an ongoing construction project, the Shailung Great Wall in Dolakha district has unexpectedly become the latest attraction for tourists visiting Nepal. This mini replica of the iconic Great Wall of China has witnessed a significant surge in visitor numbers, captivating both domestic and international travelers with its unique charm and natural surroundings.

Sanjeev Neupane, the Chief Administrative Officer of Shailung Rural Municipality, attributed the area’s newfound popularity to its scenic beauty and serene ambiance. “Shailung has become a center of attraction for tourists due to its natural scenery and beauty,” Neupane stated, adding that the influx of foreign tourists seeking meditation, study, research, and exploration opportunities has been notable.

A Growing Tourist Hotspot

According to Neupane, the mini Great Wall has become a popular destination, particularly on Fridays, Saturdays, and holidays, with an estimated 20,000 visitors flocking to the site on Nepali New Year Day alone, observed on April 13.

The Shailung Great Wall project, a joint initiative between the federal government’s Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation and the Shailung Rural Municipality, was conceived as a tourism promotion endeavor. While the initial Detailed Project Report envisioned a 950-meter Great Wall spanning from Kalapani to Dafedhunga, only about 500 meters have been completed so far, the rural municipality confirmed.

Collaborative Effort and Future Prospects

The first phase of the 500-meter Great Wall construction was awarded a contract worth Rs. 49.415 million, with the federal government contributing 70 percent of the budget and the rural municipality bearing the remaining 30 percent.

Bharat Dulal, the former Chairman of Shailung Rural Municipality, expressed optimism about the project’s potential to further boost tourism in the region. “After the federal government agreed to support the construction of tourist destinations, the rural municipality proposed the construction of the Great Wall to make Shailung the main tourist destination,” he said, adding that upon completion, the number of visitors is expected to rise significantly.

The unfinished Shailung Great Wall has already captured the imagination of international travelers, with Dutch tourists among those captivated by the unique attraction, blending construction marvels with Nepal’s natural splendor.