Google Enrolls itself in the Nepalese Tax System ➤

Google Enrolls itself in the Nepalese Tax System

Nepal’s tax system now includes Google LLC, one of the world’s biggest technology companies, as per the Inland Revenue Office. Google has registered in the Lalitpur-based Large Taxpayer Office to pay taxes on the different services and products it offers in Nepal, including electricity services, for Fiscal Year 2079/80. The spokesperson for IRD, Raju Prasad Pyakurel, stated that Google’s regional office in Singapore would be accountable for the tax registration.

The Large Taxpayer Office will oversee the electricity service tax administration.

Since Fiscal Year 2079/80, the Nepalese government has imposed a 2% tax rate on the business value of electricity services provided to Nepalese customers living abroad. The tax will apply to Google’s revenue generated from offering services to Nepalese customers. However, there is no official data available on the exact revenue generated by Google from Nepal.

Google’s registration in Nepal’s tax system will promote transparency and accountability in tax administration, prevent tax evasion, and ensure that all taxpayers, including multinational corporations, abide by the country’s tax laws. Furthermore, Google’s inclusion will enhance Nepal’s business environment, attract foreign investment, create employment opportunities, and contribute to the country’s economic development.

Google is well-known in Nepal for its search engine, YouTube, and Android operating system, among other services like web browsing, cloud computing, Gmail, maps, and photos. With Google’s tax registration in Nepal, the company will pay its fair share of taxes to the country’s economy, which will aid the Nepalese people and foster sustainable development.