Laxmi Sunrise Bank Relocates Branches in Kathmandu Valley ➤

Laxmi Sunrise Bank Relocates Branches in Kathmandu Valley

Bank Expands Reach by Moving Branches to Balkot and Bode Areas of Bhaktapur District

In a strategic move to expand its reach and cater to previously underserved areas, Laxmi Sunrise Bank has relocated two of its branches within the Kathmandu valley. The bank’s aim is to bring banking services closer to communities and businesses in the Balkot and Bode regions of Bhaktapur district.

One of the bank’s two branches previously located at Narayan Gopal Chowk in Kathmandu Metro-3, Maharajgunj, has been relocated to Balkot in Suryabinayak Municipality-2 of Bhaktapur district. Similarly, one of the two branches in Pepsicola, previously situated in Kathmandu Metro-32, has been moved to Bode in Madhyapur Thimi Municipality-8, also in Bhaktapur district.

Customers of the relocated branches can continue to access services at the remaining branches in Maharajgunj and Pepsicola within the same areas, ensuring continuity of banking operations.

With this strategic relocation, Laxmi Sunrise Bank aims to extend its services to the growing communities in Balkot and Bode, catering to the banking needs of both individuals and businesses in these areas. The new branches are fully equipped to offer a comprehensive range of retail banking services, including small and large business banking solutions.

Laxmi Sunrise Bank’s extensive network comprises 258 branches across 59 districts, 321 ATMs, 28 extension counters, and 132 branchless banking agents, ensuring widespread accessibility for its customers. The bank actively promotes green banking initiatives and digital channels such as mobile and internet banking as part of its ‘bricks and clicks’ strategy, allowing customers to access banking services through their preferred channels.

By expanding its physical presence in Bhaktapur district and embracing digital banking solutions, Laxmi Sunrise Bank aims to enhance financial inclusion, provide convenient banking services, and support the growth of local communities and businesses in the Kathmandu valley and beyond.