Is DoT going to recognize the license in the Nagarik App?

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Is DoT going to recognize the license in the Nagarik App?

To consolidate all of the government services in one location, the government introduced the Nagarik App. Nepali can make use of a variety of government services by storing their citizenship, diplomas, PAN cards, driving licenses in the Nagarik App.

Although taxes can be paid via the Nagarik App to the Blue Book, people frequently wonder why driving cannot be accomplished by presenting a digital license. this , voices have also been heard in Parliament.

MP Asim Shah stated in a recent post that there had been a discussion with the Ministry of Home Affairs regarding the problem of using the Nagarik App to demonstrate a digital license obtained from the Ministry of Physical and Transport to operate a car.

“The subject was mentioned in the parliament at zero time a few weeks ago,” he wrote. In order to make for driving a car by displaying the digital license on the Nagarik App, wrote to the Ministry of Home Affairs the Ministry of Physical and Transport.

Yet, according to the Transport Management Department, there has been no communication regarding this matter with the Home.

We are holding an debate about this and are serious about recognizing the papers in the Nagarik App. But, there is now no need to communicate with the Ministry, according to Mr. Narayan Prasad Bhattarai, the Department's Director .

He asserted that the claim that the internal discussion was communicated to the ministry in writing was untrue. We are debating how to implement the digital license, he added, adding, “We ourselves are the necessary preparations.” No.”

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He said that the department will take the appropriate actions in response to the request to be able to operate a by displaying the license on the Nagarik App.

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