MDMS comes into effect on May 16, 2023

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MDMS comes into effect on May 16, 2023

Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA) has recently announced the implementation of the Mobile Device Management System (MDMS), which went into on Tuesday, May 16, 2023.

Under this new rule, passengers traveling to Nepal from abroad are allowed to bring up to two mobile handsets.

To ensure compliance, mobile sets brought from abroad must be promptly registered in the MDMS by providing the necessary documents. For personal mobile phones, registration in the MDMS can be done by entering passport or citizenship details along the passport page or boarding pass papers the arrival/departure stamp. This has been by the authority to effectively manage and regulate the use of mobile phones in Nepal, as well as to better control unauthorized mobile phones entering the country.

The implementation of MDMS aims to prevent consumers from falling victim to and protect revenue, as well as legitimate businesses within the mobile retail sector. Over the three months, approximately 1.5 million mobile devices have entered the country through official means, while 3.1 million devices have entered through the grey market. Additionally, about 42,000 devices have entered through personal channels, accounting for 1.5 percent of the total mobile phones entering the country. The Nepal Mobile Distributors' (NMDA) claims that rampant smuggling of mobile phones has resulted in an annual revenue loss of two billion for the government.

The MDMS is a high-tech solution to combat unauthorized mobile sales and distribution while bringing these devices under the revenue ambit. With the implementation of the MDMS, the government aims to address concerns related to and the decline in revenue caused by the entry of illegally imported mobile phones. It's worth noting that the implementation of the MDMS was previously postponed under the directive of Prime Pushpa Dahal but has now been put into effect.

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How many mobile phone can I carry to Nepal 2023?

Under the new MDMS rule, passengers traveling to Nepal from abroad are allowed to bring up to two mobile handsets.

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