Actor Anmol KC arrested on charges of criminal breach of trust ➤

Actor Anmol KC arrested on charges of criminal breach of trust

Renowned actor Anmol KC finds himself in legal trouble as he has been arrested on charges of criminal breach of trust. The Kathmandu Valley Crime Investigation Office apprehended Anmol KC in Sanga, Bhaktapur, on a Friday.

The arrest comes following a formal complaint lodged with the police by Chandrakala Katwal Thapa, accusing Anmol KC of committing a criminal breach of trust. Thapa’s complaint states that Anmol KC accepted a sum of Rs 1 million for his participation in a film titled “Ravayan” but refused to formalize the agreement for his involvement. Additionally, Thapa asserted that she had made advance payments totaling Rs 11.5 million to other actors involved in the film project.

Senior Superintendent of Police Somendra Singh Rathore, while shedding light on the case, revealed that both parties were called in for discussions after the complaint was officially filed. Despite repeated summons, Anmol KC failed to appear, stating that the police could take whatever actions they deemed necessary.

As a result of Anmol KC’s non-compliance, the police obtained an arrest warrant for him, leading to his subsequent arrest. Currently, Anmol KC remains in custody as the legal proceedings unfold.

This incident highlights the seriousness of the allegations against the actor, as criminal breach of trust is a significant legal offense. Anmol KC’s future in the entertainment industry may be influenced by the outcome of these legal proceedings.