Startups in Nepal have witnessed significant growth and are playing a crucial role in driving innovation, economic development, and job creation in the country. Nepal’s startup ecosystem has been steadily evolving, with an increasing number of entrepreneurial ventures emerging across various sectors. These startups are often focused on technology, e-commerce, renewable energy, agriculture, health, and education, among others. The government of Nepal, along with private organizations and international stakeholders, has been providing support through incubation centers, funding opportunities, mentorship programs, and regulatory reforms to foster the growth of startups. Additionally, the rise of coworking spaces, networking events, and startup communities has created an environment conducive to collaboration, knowledge sharing, and entrepreneurship. Despite the challenges that startups face, including access to funding and regulatory complexities, the startup culture in Nepal continues to thrive, attracting young and ambitious individuals who are eager to make a positive impact through innovative business ideas and solutions.


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