Nepali Stock Market Witnesses Broad Declines; NEPSE Index Drops Significantly ➤

Nepali Stock Market Witnesses Broad Declines; NEPSE Index Drops Significantly

Sectoral Indicators Plummet as Trading Volume Shrinks

On Monday, the Nepali stock market experienced a notable downturn, with all indicators registering declines. The Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) index notably decreased by 16.82 points compared to the previous trading day, bringing it down to 2006 points. Furthermore, the total trading volume witnessed a decrease, with transactions amounting to Rs 2.79 billion, down from over Rs 3 billion the day before.

Apart from NEPSE, all sectoral indicators witnessed declines, particularly in finance, hotel, manufacturing, and other sectors, each falling by more than one per cent. Banking observed an 8-point drop, followed by Development Bank with a 22-point decrease, Finance with a 33-point decline, Hotel and Tourism with a 58-point fall, Hydropower with a 24-point drop, Life Insurance with a 34-point decrease, Manufacturing with a significant 107-point plunge, Microfinance with a 20-point decline, Non-Life Insurance with a 51-point drop, Others with a 23-point decrease, and Business Group with a 10-point dip.

Among individual companies, 52 witnessed an increase in their stock value, while 184 faced declines, and 8 remained stable. Notably, Menchiam Hydropower saw a significant rise of 7 per cent, followed by Midsolu Hydropower with a 5.9 per cent increase, Sirjanshil Laghubitta with a 4.6 per cent surge, and Manushi Microfinance with a 4.4 per cent uptick.

Conversely, Gurans Microfinance and Dolti Power witnessed a notable decline of 10 per cent each. The price of Khanikhola Hydropower decreased by 7.1 per cent, Mandu Hydropower by 6 per cent, Singti Hydro by 5.9 per cent, and Bottlers Nepal Balaju by 5.8 per cent.

In terms of turnover, companies such as Ngadi Group, CYC Microfinance, Sanima My Hydropower, Suryajyoti Life Insurance, and Himalayan Reinsurance emerged as frontrunners, showcasing higher trading volumes amidst the market turmoil.