NEPSE Surges as Trading Week Commences ➤

NEPSE Surges as Trading Week Commences

Nepal Stock Exchange witnesses significant growth on Sunday

The Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) kicked off the trading week with a significant surge, sparking interest among investors. On Sunday, the NEPSE index surged by an impressive 12.29 points, hitting 1984.43 points and setting a positive tone for the week ahead.

Trading activities were bustling, with a substantial volume of shares changing hands. A total of 6,393,245 shares from 310 companies were traded, resulting in a turnover exceeding 2.25 billion rupees, indicating robust market activity.

Leading the pack in trading volume was Gurkhas Finance, with shares worth Rs. 102,137,227.30 traded on the first day of the trading week, showcasing active investor participation.

Market watchers and analysts are closely monitoring these developments, anticipating further momentum in the days to come. The surge in NEPSE index and the strong trading volume reflect positive investor sentiment, hinting at potential market growth in the near future.

This upward trend in NEPSE underscores the resilience and potential of Nepal’s stock market, drawing attention from both local and international investors. As the trading week progresses, stakeholders are poised to seize emerging opportunities and navigate market dynamics adeptly.