NEPSE Rallies with Double-Digit Gains on Sunday ➤

NEPSE Rallies with Double-Digit Gains on Sunday

Nepal Stock Exchange Index Soars 14.33 Points as Investors Flock to Finance and Development Bank Sectors

On the first day of the week, the stock market index NEPSE increased by double digits on Sunday. The NEPSE index increased by 14.33 points compared to the previous trading day. After the increase of that number, NEPSE has remained at 1980 points. A total of Rs 2.68 billion worth of securities were traded throughout the day.

While the value of 180 companies increased, 55 decreased while 9 remained stable. The indicators of all groups except business have increased. The index decreased by 9.52 points (0.34 per cent). There is an attraction in the finance and development bank group. The finance group increased by 3.98 per cent while the development bank group increased by 2.23 per cent.

Based on points, Banking increased by 2 points, Development Bank by 85, Finance by 81, Hotel and Tourism by 38, Hydropower by 10, Life Insurance by 72, Manufacturing by 5, Microfinance by 54, Life Insurance by 108 and other groups increased by 10 points.