Nepal-China Trade Fair Returns ➤

Nepal-China Trade Fair Returns

Nepali Businesses Gear Up for the 17th Nepal-China (Tibet) Economic and Trade Fair in Kathmandu

The highly anticipated 17th Nepal-China (Tibet) Economic and Trade Fair is set to take center stage in the federal capital, Kathmandu, on April 29th. This biennial event, organized under the agreement between the Nepali government and the commerce department of the Tibet Autonomous Region of China, has become a pivotal platform for fostering robust economic and trade relations between the two nations.

Preparations are in full swing as the Trade and Export Promotion Center gears up to host this grand affair, which aims to expand bilateral economic and trade ties between Nepal and China (Tibet). The fair promises to be a melting pot of diverse businesses, attracting around 125 entrepreneurs, including a high-level five-member delegation led by Vice Chair of the Tibet Autonomous Region Government of China, Long Fukuan.

Nepali businesses are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to showcase their products and forge new partnerships. The fair will feature 15 exhibition stalls representing Nepal, showcasing a wide range of products such as herbs, coffee, tea, handicrafts, carpentry, metalwork, carpets, pashmina, and other locally-produced goods. This diverse array of offerings highlights the rich cultural heritage and entrepreneurial spirit of Nepal.

On the other hand, the Chinese (Tibet) contingent will present an impressive display of 50 exhibition stalls, offering a glimpse into their vibrant industries. Visitors can expect to explore a diverse range of products, including herbs, agricultural products, modern agricultural tools, tea, electrical appliances, household appliances, carpets, beverages, handicrafts, incense, two-wheelers, three-wheelers, four-wheelers, electric vehicles, and beauty products.

The fair promises to be a bustling hub of activity, with free entry for all visitors from 10 am to 6 pm, providing ample opportunities for businesses to network, explore new markets, and forge lucrative partnerships. As Nepal’s entrepreneurial landscape continues to flourish, events like the Nepal-China (Tibet) Economic and Trade Fair serve as catalysts for growth, fostering cross-border collaborations and driving economic prosperity.