NEPSE Index Drops, Finance Subgroup Hit Hardest ➤

NEPSE Index Drops, Finance Subgroup Hit Hardest

Nepal Stock Exchange Witnesses Decline in Trading Volume and Share Values

The Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) index faced a downturn on Monday, following a recent surge on Sunday.

Experiencing a decline of 15.41 points, the stock market reached 1969.02 today.

A significant total of 5,656,282 shares exchanged hands, amounting to Rs 2,058,300,000 in value.

Compared to Sunday’s trading worth Rs 2.26 billion, Monday’s trading saw a dip.

All 13 subgroups observed a reduction in trading volume alongside the NEPSE index.

The finance subgroup registered the most substantial decline at 2.10 percent.

Similarly, the production and development banks subgroup also witnessed notable decreases.

Out of the 320 companies traded, the share value of 186 companies declined, while 49 experienced an increase, and 10 remained stable.