Gold Prices in Nepal Drop by Rs 400 per Tola ➤

Gold Prices in Nepal Drop by Rs 400 per Tola

Nepal Gold and Silver Dealers' Association Revises Gold Rates, Fine Gold Now at Rs 137,200 per Tola as Precious Metal Sees Domestic Price Decrease

In the latest development in the precious metals market, gold prices in Nepal have witnessed a notable decrease, with the cost per tola (11.66 grams) dropping by Rs 400, according to the Nepal Gold and Silver Dealers’ Association.

The association has revised the price of fine gold to Rs 137,200 per tola, while the standard gold rate now stands at Rs 136,550 per tola. This adjustment comes after the previous day’s prices, where fine gold was traded at Rs 137,600 per tola, and standard gold was priced at Rs 136,950 per tola.

Despite the fluctuation in gold prices, the silver market in Nepal has remained relatively stable, with the price holding steady at Rs 1,665 per tola.

The decrease in gold prices is expected to have implications for the domestic market, affecting various sectors such as jewelry, investment, and industry. This price adjustment may also influence consumer demand and purchasing patterns in the coming days.

As Nepal’s economy continues to evolve, the precious metals market plays a crucial role in the country’s financial landscape. Fluctuations in gold and silver prices not only impact domestic trade but also have broader implications for investment strategies and portfolio diversification.

Market analysts and industry experts will closely monitor the trends in the precious metals market, aiming to provide insights and guidance to investors, traders, and consumers alike. Additionally, the Nepal Gold and Silver Dealers’ Association’s regular updates on gold and silver prices serve as a valuable resource for stakeholders to make informed decisions.