Just Another Road Mishap

Just Another Road Mishap

I caught up to a motorcyclist who ran into my vehicle. Here’s what happened:

I was driving straight on Jamal Road, and there was a small Micro van slightly ahead of me but on my left side with the motorcyclist behind it. The motorcyclist tried to pass the Micro van without properly judging the gap and ended up hitting my left bumper pretty hard.

He then glanced at my damaged bumper and then continued to speed away. I honked at him, but he just looked at me through his side mirrors and accelerated even more. I was like “Fuck this” and decided to chase after him. It was around 8:30 AM, and there wasn’t much traffic, so I was able to corner him in Durbarmarg.

When I got out of my vehicle and confronted him, the motorcyclist casually said, “Tapai le po malai hanya.” I realized trying to reason with him would be foolish, so I called the nearby traffic police and explained what had happened – how he fled the scene, and I had caught him here.

Traffic police told him off saying “Manavta ko hisab le ni rokera k kaso bhayo bhanera sodhnu parney haina tapailay?” bhandai.

As for the damage to my vehicle, the left bumper lock was broken and had come off, and there was also a pretty deep dent. However, I decided to only ask for Rs. 500 from him to cover the cost of repairing the lock.

I already had plans to dent/paint the bumper anyway so did not feel it was necessary to have him pay 5k. In fact, if the motorcyclist had stopped and acknowledged his mistake, I wouldn’t have even asked for the Rs. 500.

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