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Why should I be the victim of their situation?

So my community started teaching young generation newari instrument last year. Ani last year dekhi I wanna go but my dad said no he said padhai ma effect garxa ani also he doesn’t like anyone society ko. I just got a message from tya KO dai saying new comers are invited feri new course suru hunna lako and stuff I really wanna go I just asked my dad. He got mad at me and said no. I really wanna go. All of my cousins are there and I remember last time when I saw them playing those instruments I cried so hard. I really wanted to join them it’s my chance but my dad doesn’t understand. It’s not like I am failing classes or anything I have been on top of my class last sem ma ni aaile KO first term ma ni.
Can anyone suggest how to convince him?

Ps all ik is how to study. I don’t have any skills. Ik how to crochet and that was only possible because I learned from YouTube. I feel really bad when SB ask me what skills do you have and all I could say is oh I study. I am not even good at it anymore.

EDIT: He’s not against me playing instruments he’s against me going community ko place to learn because he doesn’t like those people. I told him to pay for me and I’ll learn somewhere else he said okay(he said okay last time but never did) also we don’t have good financial situation for me to go somewhere and learn.

EDIT 2: He pulled the old dad blackmail move. So I guess I am not going anymore. I am sorry and thank you guys.

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