Why are Asian parents so guilt tripping ?

Why are Asian parents so guilt tripping ?

Everytime that i try to object to something, my mom always starts ranting and yapping about how much she’s done for me and I can’t even return something that miniscule to her. Wtf. Dashain audaixa, mom ra dad both jhapa Jane vandei hunuhunxa but I don’t want to go simply because the 14 hour journey from here to jhapa is too tiring for me my body and I’m prone to get sick during long rides. Also during that time I’m thinking of using it to learn guitar. I’m 20, I can take care of myself at home and I can cook basic dishes too.

We have a dog and I’ll be able to take care of my dog too so no one has to worry about the dog . Tara my mom goes, Tero ama bau sanga matra ta talai hinnu maan lagdeina Ni, sathi haru vaye agi bag pack garisakthiyes. I’ve gone to jhapa every fucking year with my mom and dad. EVERY FUCKING YEAR, just this once I want to stay at home and enjoy by myself. It’s not like this is my first time staying alone either, I’ve stayed at home all alone in the past for days when both my parents couldn’t be home.

But now my mom goes talking shit about all she’s done for me and I don’t even do miniscule things for her? Shit like this makes me think I should have applied for abroad after my +2 so I didn’t have to deal with this on a daily basis smdh.

Even rn she’s talking shit and raising her voice talking to dad making sure I’m hearing what she’s talking about. She goes like, katai janu pardeina, ama bau ko Maya ta xaina teslai, paxi gayera Budi lyapaxi hamro ta yaad Ni audeina teslai blah blah blah blah.

I’m so sick and tired of this. This ain’t the first time. Does this happen only in my family or is every Asian household the same ? Smh.

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