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Why is customer loyalty so hard to reward?

I wonder why it’s so hard for nepali businesses to reward loyal customer? The terms and conditions are always laid out on a way that deters customers getting a discount, or it’s something so stupid that the customers would rather not have it.

Big Mart gives loyalty discounts, but only % discount on items they have pre-defined: eg 15% of sugar or harpic. No I don’t want them.

Daraz deliberately hides the option to ship the item to a DEX collection center if you order from two or more stores.

Foodmandu discount coupons only work for first time customers. What’s the point of sticking to you if you’re only worried about onboarding new customers but not keeping existing ones?

Salesberry ko cashiers don’t know how to apply loyalty points. I tried two places but they frantically tried to call someone but failed both times and I have not been able to redeem points yet.

5% or 100 rupees whichever is lower: go f yourself. I bought a 13,500 ko gardening equipment on hardware pasal and got 100 rupees discount. 🤦‍♂️

When will this improve? What’s the point?

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