The Future of Nepal: Manipulation, Risk And Jealousy ➤

The Future of Nepal: Manipulation, Risk And Jealousy

**The Rise of the Middle Class, Manipulation, and Jealousy:**

One of the notable trends in Nepal is the increase in remittances from Nepali migrants working abroad. These remittances have contributed significantly to the rise of the middle class. While this should be a positive development, it comes with its own set of challenges. As the middle class grows, so does the potential for jealousy and manipulation. The majority of people in the middle class are often more susceptible to being influenced due to their aspirations and desires for a better life.

Example: Many in the middle class are willing to take loans with high expectations, hoping for rapid financial advancement. However, this eagerness can lead to financial instability when these loans cannot be repaid. It’s essential to address this issue to ensure a stable economic future for Nepal.

**Political Instability and Low Economy**

Nepal has faced political instability and a struggling economy for quite some time. Will this pattern persist? The answer is Yes Yes Yes . It may lie in the way decisions are made. If those in power continue to avoid taking risks, Nepal’s future could remain uncertain.

The example of the Maoist insurgency, which claimed the lives of 13,000 people, illustrates the lack of accountability. The fact that individuals responsible for such atrocities now hold positions in the government without facing consequences raises concerns. If they can evade accountability for their actions, it raises questions about their willingness to take necessary risks to improve the country.

Also, all the leaders are some way involved in corruption and are getting no consequences.

**Leadership and the Importance of Risk-Taking**

Leaders like Balen and Harka have shown that having an image and a commitment to avoiding corruption can resonate with the people. They understand the importance of taking calculated risks in decision-making. This mindset is what Nepal needs from its leaders. The willingness to take risks in pursuit of a better future can break the cycle of political instability and economic stagnation.

Like Naseem Taleb said you will not make a manager, CEO of the bank, or Governor accountable for the bad load and death of the economy, but you will make a doctor accountable for the death of patients. SKIN IN THE GAME.

Rich people can get away with killing the poor if they have any party alliance with the majority of rich guys who do

**The Need for Change**

The only way we will change is that those of make decisions should take a risk. A group of politicians taking an economic decision and running the life of 2 crore people, when those are enjoying.

**Obstacles to Change**

Why hasn’t the change occurred already? One major obstacle is the influence of minorities who have come to dictate the rules to the majority. These individuals are often connected to politicians and wielding significant power. Additionally, the increase in the middle class has led to Jealousy, who may have stopped caring about the country’s welfare.

If you think your vote determines who will win the election, you will get hired because you are qualified, you are not responsible for corruption, and you are not responsible a bit for the situation of the country then think again.

PS: not a keyword warrior, just an individual thinking about how decisions change the course of lives, and how corrupt wins and those who are good are jealous and always manipulated


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