Im just trying to be independent ….. ➤

Im just trying to be independent …..

I don’t understand why it’s such a bad thing that im working just cause i come a “rich” family. For context i come from a well off family , we are not super wealthy but we financially stable. Im still debating on whether to continue further studies overseas so instead of just lying around at home doin nothing I decided to pick up a 8hr shift job so i can earn my own pocket money and didn’t want to be so co-dependent on my parent’s money. And always i have decided to work i been asked by my co workers why im working when i can perfectly live off my parents.. and it not asked in a genuine question way but in a looked down kinda way if you get what im trynna say 😭 but anyways i don’t really get how it’s such a bad thing?!? Can some explain

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