Self independent! ➤

Self independent!

It’s really amazing and hilarious that some Nepali people call themselves self independent and selfmade when their parents paid all there fees from school, college to abroad process (lakhs and lakhs rupees) or because of their parents they got id card (hk, UK and European countries) .😂😂 You can call yourself independent but self made. Really?🤣🤣


I think lots of people misunderstood or I didn’t explain clearly 😕 but what I mean is it’s our parents responsibility ( they think that way) to feed us,pay all our fees of school to college, other expanse and even abroad fee’s what I am trying to say is you are where you are because of you’re parents or relatives help you in some way and yes if you earned money and made something in life, you’re independent person. Iam not saying you’re not but some of my friends and people I know are always boosting about they’re salf made/ self independent in social media when in reality their parents or their relatives help them to get where they are in some ways ( and I know how they got where they are) so say “I am independent person” but why you’re saying” i have come so far myself, noone helped me, I did everything” really

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