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I realized that I have grown up dumb

I am 19(F). Looking at my recent behavior I just realized that, I have very immature behavior.I cannot have conversations with strangers , not even talk openly with my yrs old friend and my close relatives. I would describe myself as shy, unable to approach people, cannot speak confidently and when I speak I speak haphazardly without thinking and tend to create problems for myself.like my communication skill and social behavior is literally 0.
The irony is that I have seen my friends who speak curse words, they are not like ‘sati savitri ‘ they have fun, bunk class, have boyfriend and here I am who look like very ‘sojhi’ , who don’t know how to express myself or I don’t sing and dance in parties, neither I post much in social media or go for outing with friends as I am not so fun person my friends also don’t prefer me much but it’s not their fault. I am basically dumb and I don’t know how to be clever.I can’t go even for shopping by myself without my mother. I don’t like the person who I have become. I get emotionally triggered easily and am unable to give conscious response coz this has become my habit.
So if I have to sum up my life I am the Creator of problems in my life. I don’t know how to handle my life. I am unable to believe I became this dumb.

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