Can’t find decent budget phones in the market

Can’t find decent budget phones in the market

I was in the market for two lower mid range phones (~30k) range and I did find a nice value in Samsung A24 so I bought it for one of my siblings at 28k (with a separate charger included). It’s a nice phone for the price. But I just couldn’t find the second phone that I wanted to buy for myself.

**My priorities: **

Basically these are the things I look for, in order, for a phone within my price bracket:

Main camera (OIS/EIS appreciated) > Selfie camera > Display type (Only AMOLED) > Storage type (Only UFS) > Chipset > Battery capacity and charging > Storage size (128 GB and above)> Speakers > RAM (4 GB and above) > Design and aesthetic > Other features and sensors (wifi/bluetooth adapter, proximity, gyro,..)

My only hard requirements are an AMOLED screen regardless of the refresh rate (60 Hz is fine if AMOLED, 120 Hz isn’t fine if IPS.), UFS storage, and storage. Stereo speakers would be nice but not a requirement.

**My budget**

25k – 35k. Not a strict budget. Am willing to be a bit flexible if there is a strong value proposition at play.

**Use Case**

Normal phone usage involves content consumption, connectivity, occasional picture-taking ( I’ll refrain from calling it photography), occasional video journaling, casual gaming, social media.

Should I just wait a couple of months? If there is no good device I may as well have to. But if you have something in mind, please do let me know.

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