Cash or Gift to your sister / relatives ? ➤

Cash or Gift to your sister / relatives ?

Even for those who don’t celebrate or without siblings, just a general question whether it is on festival day or any other day such as birthday, etc.

1. Do you prefer to give cash or gift to your relatives?

2. If cash, do you give more to your own sister and less to cousin? Or more to your elder and less to younger?

3. Isn’t giving cash a bad idea? I understand she can spend on whatever she want to. Aren’t Voucher or gift cards better alternatives but she has to buy from particular shops. Well and about the gift you give, she may like it or she may not.

4. How much average do you give cash to sisters? (Both Nepal and Overseas)

5. Last time when I gave Rs. 5000 to sister sister, the other cousin brother gave Rs. 20,000 and he was treated extra special by her and her family. I wasn’t jealous as I am not jealousy type person but these things just amaze me time to time and I just smile inside myself.

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