For those are saying banning tittok is bad.

For those are saying banning tittok is bad.

I like reddit. I want to use reddit.
It also has garbage like tiktok. Just like tiktok I use this app in my own way.

I use tiktok to watch beutiful places, funny videos, science stuff and other things. I use reddit in same way.

Its not the app. In reddit there is option for you to choose where to join and which community to hide. In tiktok also if you focus for first few scrolls to only watch nice things it would show you those. Its like a mirror to you. It was to me.

It has garbage too for garbage people. Just like that reddit also has all those things including the garbage. Reddit even has label of NSFL if you know where to look.

So tomorrow this app also could get banned. Maybe to prevent that stop posting negative things about government.

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