Your thoughts on the recent bans ➤

Your thoughts on the recent bans

First, the TikTok ban;
I don’t really care about this ban as I have never been allured by TikTok but from the TikTok business owners perspective, they seem to be suffering and having a hard time switching to different social media to promote their products, since the other platforms don‘t have algorithms as invasive as Tiktok they don’t reach as much.

Second, the tobacco ban;
The ban on tobacco products to be initiated from 27th Mangsir, within Kathmandu Metropolitan City. Is it really the right step to take to „clean the air“? Wouldn’t it be more efficient to just clean the damn city? Will the ban even be effective? I mean, most of the shops would absolutely have a couple boxes of Surya tucked underneath.

Third, the propossed YouTube, Instagram and Facebook ban;
A lot of content creators have said that the Tiktok ban was to have more political power with the traditional government, and since they couldn’t control the narrative, the ban was hammered. I chose to not believe this was the sole reason, as Tiktok is really invasive and I would say, „good riddance“ to Tiktok, but a ban on every social media platform would be straight up a page from China’s notebook, but without China‘s superior economy and development.

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