Adoption thoughts and procedures ! ➤

Adoption thoughts and procedures !

So, basically I am unmarried yet to be married , and I hope I’ll be married when times comes right .
The thing is I want to adopt a kid . It’s been like a thing for me to raise a kid. Not any wrong idea on it, as I am unmarried . I don’t care about what it will do to me when I get married or have my own family .
All I want to do is raise a kid as my own give him/her proper education, see him/her grow provide for him . My heart melts whenever I see kids who are suffering in the streets. If I can’t help the all at least I can give the one kid what he deserves.
So am I having the right thought about adopting a kid ?
And if someone can guide me on adoption procedures.
Ps: I am straight and I have a girlfriend . I have stable earning and family .

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