Yoga Classes ➤

Yoga Classes

Hello guys,

These days i find myself having a lot of free time which i end up wasting being on social media or doing nothing. So i decided i should be a little health conscious and decided to join a gym. I checked few gyms in my area. They all seemed very intimidating especially for a beginner like me who has no prior experience whatsoever. It all seemed like a men only club. Somebody suggested that i should try yoga cause it has a lot more welcoming and comfortable environment for a girl. But the thing is i don’t know anything about yoga. Does anybody know of any good yoga classes around ktm/lalitpur area? How does the schedule work? Do I have to enroll in it like a school/college and they teach you all the poses or is it more like a gym membership where you can go whenever you feel like it? How much does it cost? Any other relevent information would be very helpful. Thanks guys

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