Workout exercise at home - lifting or pilates ➤

Workout exercise at home – lifting or pilates

So after dashain tihar my weight has gained so much and gym memberships are expensive ( i visited gyms ani kasto mahango lagyo monthly 5k or more for cardio machines/lifting etc)

And I was thinking of doing home workouts ani a lot of my friends are telling me strength training garnu so lifting etc, not just cardio or chloe ting.

I want to lose weight to be healthy and confident (i eat sugar a lot jhan office vanechi ta baira kai khana), not just lose weight but tyo hourglass body vancha testai glutes badhauney etc. Specially lower body legs are very moto.

And aile daraz maa there’s sale going on 11:11 yei mauka maa exercise equipment linu lako affordable tyo dumbell haru. Set lida ta mahangai raicha.

Can I just do pilates ani chloe ting jasto training, ki weights add garnu parcha? Also weights like 2.5 kgs vaye pugcha ki kasto ho?
If you guys have your weight loss or gain experience that would also be helpful.

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