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Home doesn’t feel like home anymore

I just hate when festivals approach,meaning there will be holiday and I have to stay at home.Nowadays I just feel so alone and so a.bit scared of idk what. Everyday my mom and my dad fights over the most silliest thing ever and to top on that these years are the most important academic years of my life they are always pressuring me.I’m just a lazy teen who does nothing but to trouble her family. I just feel like I’m family black sheep and everyone prefer my cousins over me,even my parents (which is true) I’m not good at anything. My friends they all have their talents and they have a solid plan on what they will do after 10 but me on the other hand,I can’t even decide what colour dress I want on dashain. I feel so guilty knowing that my parents are working so hard for me and like me…I’m not doing anything for them in return I don’t know what I’m doing with my life and when I stay at home all these things comes into my mind and I end up having a mental breakdown. Im just gonna be a family failure when I grow up. I can neither dance or sing nor I’m good at my studies. I’m just a annoying piece of crap who does nothing but to cry and face the awful consequences of her action.i feel so alone in this big world I want to tell these things to my friends but ik damn well they don’t care and also they are also new to this world and they might be facing the same thing and on the other hand my parents,I don’t want to trouble them anymore. I don’t know what to do I feel so lost 🙁 pls help me any help will be appreciated and if you are experiencing the same thing pls you can talk abt it to me I’m here for you,pls everyone take care of yourself and don’t give up <3

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