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F1Soft’s JumJum App Revs Up Nepal’s Ride-Hailing Market

Nepal's Leading Fintech Giant F1Soft Unveils JumJum, a Cutting-Edge Ride-Sharing Platform Poised to Transform Urban Mobility with Innovative Features, Exclusive Partnerships, and Attractive Incentives.

In a significant move to revolutionize urban transportation in Nepal, F1Soft Group, the parent company of the renowned fintech platform eSewa, has officially launched its highly anticipated ride-sharing app, JumJum. Following a successful beta run, the leading digital solutions provider has unveiled this innovative service, fortified with an array of cutting-edge features and strategic partnerships, positioning it as a game-changer in the country’s burgeoning ride-hailing market.

JumJum’s entry into the Nepali market is a testament to F1Soft’s commitment to driving digital transformation and enhancing the lives of citizens through pioneering technological solutions. Leveraging its expertise in fintech and digital services, the company has seamlessly integrated JumJum into its growing ecosystem of products and services, offering a comprehensive mobility solution for daily commuters.

In a strategic collaboration, F1Soft has joined forces with PickMe, a renowned technology partner from Sri Lanka, to leverage their advanced ride-sharing expertise. While PickMe has provided the underlying technology, F1Soft will be the sole owner and operator of the JumJum service in Nepal, ensuring a localized and tailored experience for Nepali commuters.

“F1Soft Group has always led digital innovation, continuously building an ecosystem of digital products and services to facilitate Nepal’s digital transformation,” said Subash Sharma, CEO of F1Soft Group. “The inclusion of JumJum as a ride-sharing service enriches our ecosystem, offering convenient transportation solutions in alignment with our vision of becoming a household brand for every Nepali.”

The JumJum ride-sharing app boasts a user-friendly interface, seamless Google Maps integration for accurate navigation and real-time traffic updates, and a range of innovative features designed to enhance the commuting experience. Notably, the app offers riders the unique ability to book multiple rides simultaneously, a feature not available on other ride-sharing platforms, allowing for greater flexibility and convenience.

In a groundbreaking move, F1Soft has partnered with Neco Insurance to provide valuable life insurance coverage for both riders and drivers, offering peace of mind and added security during every trip. This exclusive agreement underscores JumJum’s commitment to prioritizing safety and ensuring a secure travel experience for all.

To further incentivize adoption, JumJum has introduced an attractive promotional offer, providing a staggering 75% discount on the first three rides for new passengers. Additionally, drivers stand to benefit from a range of incentives, including a Rs 1,000 joining bonus, zero commission for the first two weeks, commission rebates thereafter, and daily bonuses of up to Rs 2,000.

“Our commitment to fostering a mutually beneficial relationship between passengers and drivers underscores our dedication to enhancing lives and uplifting communities,” emphasized Biswas Dhakal, President of F1Soft Group. “Together, we are driving forward, reshaping the standards of the transportation industry while creating a positive impact on Nepal’s economic growth.”

With its strategic partnerships, innovative features, and attractive incentives, JumJum is poised to disrupt the ride-hailing market in Nepal, offering commuters a seamless, safe, and affordable transportation experience while contributing to the country’s economic development through employment generation and technological advancement.

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The Jum Jum app is available on both Android and iOS platforms. Click on the links below to download.