Unlocking the Magic of Disneyland in Nepal: A Thrilling Journey Begins

IME Group Building Disneyland in Nepal

Unlocking the Magic of Disneyland in Nepal: A Thrilling Journey Begins

In an unprecedented venture, the IME Group is all set to bring the enchantment of Disneyland to the heart of Nepal. This monumental collaboration with China CAMC Engineering (CAMK) promises to deliver an unforgettable tourist destination that rivals the likes of Shanghai Disneyland.

During the visit of Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal to China, a groundbreaking agreement was signed, paving the way for the development of a spectacular theme park in Nepal, inspired by the unparalleled success of Shanghai Disneyland.

China CAMC Engineering, a subsidiary of the globally renowned China National Machinery Industry Corporation (SINOMAC), boasts an impressive portfolio encompassing engineering design, construction, and consulting services. Notably, their exceptional work includes the on-time completion of Pokhara International Airport and a plethora of infrastructure and industrial projects worldwide.

Chandra Dhakal, the visionary Chairman of IME Group, has disclosed a multifaceted agreement that spans across industries, infrastructure, and cutting-edge information technology. This collaboration encompasses diverse attractions, from cable cars to world-class theme parks, all designed to elevate Nepal’s tourism landscape to new heights.

Dhakal emphasized the significance of leveraging the extensive experience and expertise of both entities to ensure the seamless execution of project activities, including the intricate engineering aspects.

“In the initial phase, we are gearing up to create a sprawling, world-class theme park that will rival the allure of Shanghai Disneyland and Singapore’s iconic Sentosa Island,” Dhakal revealed following the signing of this transformative agreement.

It is important to note that technical support for this monumental project will be provided by China CAMC Engineering, while IMC Group will spearhead the substantial investment required.

As the project takes shape, it is anticipated that the expansive space requirements will lead to its location outside the bustling metropolis of Kathmandu, possibly within the picturesque surroundings of Chitwan.

This thrilling journey marks the dawn of a new era in Nepal’s tourism sector, as Disneyland magic is set to captivate visitors from near and far, promising unforgettable experiences and a boost to the nation’s economy. Stay tuned for updates as we embark on this exhilarating adventure.