Nepal's Foreign Trade Sees Decline in Current Fiscal Year ➤

Nepal’s Foreign Trade Sees Decline in Current Fiscal Year

Central Bureau of Statistics Reports Decrease in Trade Volume and Trade Deficit

Nepal’s foreign trade in the first nine months of the current fiscal year (FY 2080/081) has amounted to Rs 1.281 trillion, as per the Central Bureau of Statistics.

Compared to the same period last year, which saw foreign trade at Rs 1.319 trillion, this year’s trade volume has decreased by 3 percent, equivalent to Rs 38 billion.

Imports during the first nine months of this fiscal year reached Rs 1.167 trillion, while exports stood at Rs 113.94 billion, according to departmental data.

The department also notes a decrease in Nepal’s trade deficit, which reduced by Rs 105.42 billion compared to the corresponding period last year when imports totaled Rs 1.215 trillion and exports were Rs 118.27 billion.

Similarly, last fiscal year’s trade deficit stood at Rs 1.083 trillion. With reductions in both imports and exports during the current fiscal year, Nepal’s trade deficit has decreased by 2.75 percent.