To all the people who want to get job

To all the people who want to get job

Hi everyone, COVID ko time I lost my job and had to struggle but I did land a job. It was very difficult but I did it and I realised one thing anyone can do it with little effort and hard work. Nepal ma basera you can earn well, but need to have the growth mindset. Easy money doesn’t exists. I want to share my experience around it as I got messages when I wrote in a comment I was hiring after few months.

But I am not sure how to share my experience yesma. AMA garera share garum ki awouta blog post lekera haldim?

I want to genuinely help all the people who are looking for work and are willing to work hard but don’t know where to start.

Suggest on the best medium i can use to reach more people is welcomed.

Edit: Wrote a part 2 but it got “unauthorised” not sure what that means.

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