Sexuality, shayad.

Sexuality, shayad.

During the times, when hominids lived in the jungles, the sole motive was to survive. Survival, as complex it may seem, as tough may it had sound, might have been driven by only few things; food, security and sex. Teti bela Nature might had unlocked just duita baato, one strictly to be for male part and one by female counterpart. Later, we evolved, so did our lifestyles and our mind. The concept of Ardhanaari, reflected how masculinity and feminist were inseparable part of Nature; the Purusha and Prakriti. Tho, the roles one where assigned to a specific genders were rigid, males and masculinity, female and feminity. The times when a society was on constant verge of danger, the tribal war, the famines and all, Males had to protect the family and feed it, female had to build and the family and care it. Later when humans became more sophisticated or luxury came, the gap between Male masculinity and female feminity grew narrower.

I would see sexuality as a graph, where Masculinity and Feminity curves are plotted. During those times, when society had constant danger for being wiped off, these curves did not overlapped much. Later along with sophistication, males too started exploring the feminine part more so did females with masculinity. It had good impacts, the art forms and feeling of empathy developed. Here, the curves started to overlap. . Sometimes, being a male, I would be thriving to prove myself and dominate other humans, fight and work to feed my parents on their old age and if got married, the spouse and child. Othertime I want to be cuddled too, sometimes I would also want some to ask me my preferences. I would show my feminine part too. It is just in me, my part is balanced.

I just think this all is a cycle of Nature. Just like tough time creates tough men wala scene. When human species will be on the verge of extinction or any threat, Nature will again bring those old “settings” back. Again, Humanity would be focused on saving its species. Until then, might be the curves would overlap, be one too, maybe.

But one has to be wise enough, to distinguish between Mental health problem and these things. There is always a thin like between sanity and insanity. Eti samma koi le padhnu vayo vane, thankyou a lot. Let me know what to think too, would be happy to learn new prospectives and new learnings. Thanks, Radhe Radhe.

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