share your fitness routine

share your fitness routine

been to gym on and off for past 3-4 years. I don’t have a great body shape but have a decent biceps and structure to body though.

planning to return back to gym after around 3 months break.

this time, I want to GRIND. before, Gym was just for fun, to meet friends and just yk, “gym jaana ko laagi gym gayeko”, but I am planning to seriously work on my body aba dekhi.

so, how is your routine? especially food?

I take sandwich with omelette for breakfast and chicken for meals. that is literally my “healthy” diet. what are some affordable food/fruits available in Nepal which help the growth. I don’t think hitting gym with poor diet is actually worth it.

also, Is running safe inside valley? with all this pollution, I am very hesitant to run during the morning here.

also, do you guys Shower everyday after gym. Although, I have been to gym most of the time it was during summer, no problem to shower, but, do you guys regularly shower in winter as well. what about your hair? especially if long hair?

I take full bath once every 2-3 days during winter.

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