How will Nepal be in 25 years? ➤

How will Nepal be in 25 years?

Over the past decades, immigration to developed countries like the USA and Australia from Nepal has surged, reaching its peak at this point. During this time, the country’s corruption and government instability have fluctuated, generally increasing. In villages and rural areas, there is a noticeable scarcity of youths, and this trend is gradually spreading.

Furthermore, the remaining youth here are increasingly becoming entangled in drug addiction and other dreadful habits that need not be mentioned. While there are more dark sides and challenging situations, mentioning them all leaves me demotivated.

Despite the challenges, we can’t ignore the limited progress and positive developments we’ve experienced in the past few decades. However, I fear that while many countries progress towards more advancement and sophistication in the next twenty-five years, Nepal may fall behind, potentially stagnating or facing worsening situations, failing to keep up with other competitive nations. What are your thoughts on our situation in 25 years?

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