Please share your experiences of living in "Bhada ko Room" in Kathmandu! ➤

Please share your experiences of living in “Bhada ko Room” in Kathmandu!

Living in a rented room on the ground floor in Kathmandu has been a unique experience for me. The limited sunlight in my small space, which costs me Rs. 5000 monthly, initially left me perplexed. In contrast to the freedom I enjoyed back home, 600 km away, where despite the size, I had the flexibility to do as I pleased, the transition to Kathmandu for studies brought about discomfort and homesickness in it’s initial days. The shift from my mother handling everything to becoming self-reliant was challenging at that time,, requiring significant adjustment. However, through perseverance, I not only adapted but also grew more mature in the process and It has been already more than five years.

My daily routine revolves around a tight schedule, starting with the morning alarm and encompassing tasks like preparing meals and rushing to college. Every rupee is crucial, prompting me to use my student ID for a Rs 10 discount and meticulously mark days on the calendar until the next financial support from my parents arrives. Living within a minimalistic budget, my single room serves as a bedroom, living room, guest room, and kitchen. The constant awareness of my limited financial resources adds an element of fear, making me cautious with every step, especially concerned about potential landlord dissatisfaction.

All these experiences have made me more resilient and resourceful. Navigating the challenges of independent living, budget constraints, and the need for constant adaptation has molded me into a person who values simplicity and financial discipline. Despite the hardships, I hold onto the hope that, one day, having reached my destination, I will be able to build a larger home in Kathmandu—a place that reflects my journey from a small rented room to a space I can truly call my own.

I would love to listen your experiences you have or had while residing here in a rented room, especially in a single minimal rented room not in lavious apartment.

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