Help needed regarding my father’s health!! ➤

Help needed regarding my father’s health!!

My father(M 72 years old) has been having problem of “dry cough” since past 2 years. And no it isn’t normal cough which you get once in a while. It is really bad, so much that he isn’t able to breathe properly at times.
1 and half years samma testo besi thiyena. Control bhairako thiyo. But recent 6 months ma ekdam extreme bhako chha. Butwal check garako alli din control bhaye jastai bhayo tara feri ustai halat bhayo. He went for alot of follow ups butwal mai and got checked. X-rays, blood report, ECG sabai clear chha bhanchha.
FYI he doesn’t have any other health issue. He never had it. He is a healthy man else wise. He has been exercising since he was 19 years old every day and eats proper diet, he is fit.
Butwal na bhayesi Palpa, Prabhas check garako. Tya pani sabai reports clear chha bhanera same dabai diyo. Tyo dabai le ta kei niko bhakai chhaina jhan. 1 month bhaisakyo.
So we are planning to get checked to doctor in kathmandu. If anyone of you know any good doctor in the city for lungs especially then pls let me know.
Letting you guys know again, it isn’t normal khoki. It is extreme dry cough.

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