Regarding Senior Girl Coworker who has unpredictable moods!

Regarding Senior Girl Coworker who has unpredictable moods!

Asking for advice here. I am 26M and have a senior girl coworker (2 year older). She is great to hangout and all and we have a great vibe together but she is moody af as of my understanding working together for a year now. Once while i was talking with other colleagues she got triggered all of a sudden . She letter apologized to me saying she was irritated since the morning that day. I mean who ruins others’ day because their day is not going well. Later things were normal after not talking for a month. And once i did tell her that i had a crush on her but she declined that completely and said not to do so. And things were going as usual.

Now after couple of months, I am starting to notice something is off. She did have a short temper but not all the time, but one cannot predict what’s her mood is and what’s she going to say next. She is kind and talkative one day and becomes fucking cold and rude the other day. Recently, for the second time, she told me not to text her cause it pissed her off. In actual, I was just trying to have a laugh. She might be having a bad day but how can one know one is having good or bad day if one does not communicate,right.

Since we both work in same office, although i am trying to avoid her due to her bad behaviors, I cannot completely cut her off.
So, this shit is ruining my mental health and i think her’s too. I don’t want to hurt people but her dual behaviors, make me hate her even more. It is hurting my self respect and annoyed at the same time.

Is she suffering from some sort of mental illness or depression.

How can I make this work out or deal with such person?

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