Nepali Stock Market Witnesses Broad Gains: NEPSE Index Soars ➤

Nepali Stock Market Witnesses Broad Gains: NEPSE Index Soars

Tuesday's market report reveals significant upticks across various sectors, with NEPSE index hitting 2027 points after a substantial rise

In a notable surge, all indices of the Nepali stock market experienced an upward trajectory on Tuesday. The NEPSE index surged by 28.62 points, marking a 1.43% increase compared to the previous day and reaching an impressive 2027 points. This bullish trend was reflected in the performance of companies, with 219 witnessing price hikes, 22 observing decreases, and 3 maintaining stability.

Market activity also saw a notable uptick in trading volume, totaling Rs 4.8 billion, a significant increase from the previous day’s Rs 3.40 billion. Across sectors, indicators showed positive growth, with the hydropower and microfinance segments leading with over 3% growth.

Sector-wise, Banking saw a 2-point increase, Development Bank surged by 59 points, Finance rose by 6 points, Hotel and Tourism gained 48 points, Hydropower recorded a substantial 76-point increase, Life Insurance marked a notable 141-point surge, Manufacturing grew by 16 points, Microfinance saw a robust 146-point rise, Non-Life Insurance surged by 190 points, Others sector noted a 17-point increase, and Business Group saw a modest uptick of 0.84 points.

Furthermore, the market witnessed a notable spike in the prices of six companies, each recording a 10% increase. Companies such as Samaj Lagubitta, Upkar, Unique Nepal, Jan Utthan Community, Manusi Lagubitta, and Ruru Hydropower all saw significant price appreciation, indicating investor confidence and market optimism.