NEPSE Index Rises by 24 Points, Boosts Market Growth ➤

NEPSE Index Rises by 24 Points, Boosts Market Growth

Commercial Banks Reduce Interest Rates, Contributing to Market Surge

On Monday, the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) witnessed a significant uptick, with the NEPSE index climbing by 24 points, stabilizing at 1998 points. This surge was accompanied by a notable increase in transaction volume, rising from Rs 3.15 billion to Rs 3.40 billion, indicating heightened market activity. Among the listed companies, 148 experienced a rise in value, while 85 witnessed a decline, with 11 maintaining stability.

The positive momentum in the market was further fueled by major announcements from commercial banks regarding interest rate reductions for the month of May. This strategic move played a pivotal role in stimulating investor confidence and driving market expansion.

Specifically, the banking sector emerged as a frontrunner in this growth trajectory, with the banking sector index surging by 3.2%. Additionally, the investment group saw a notable increase of 2%. A breakdown by sector reveals impressive gains, with banking gaining 32 points, development banks rising by 12, hydropower by 13, life insurance by 50, microfinance by 30, and other sectors by 14 points.

Conversely, certain sectors experienced a marginal decline, with trade decreasing by 8 points, non-life insurance by 3, manufacturing by 6, and hotel and tourism by 22 points. The finance group also saw a minor decrease of 4 points.

Noteworthy is the notable price surge in select companies, with five entities witnessing a 10% increase in their value. Narayani Development Bank, Samaj Microfinance, Mandu Hydropower, Shrejansheel Microfinance, and Himalaya Energy Development all saw a substantial 10% rise. Additionally, Gurans Laguvitta experienced a 9.7% increase, CEDB Hydropower by 7.6%, Kumari Bank by 6.2%, Asha Laguvitta by 6%, and Machhapuchhre Bank by 5.7% growth in their respective values.