my CG NET experience ➤

my CG NET experience

1. **router (2/10)**: Wi-Fi range aalo. router living room ma xa tara next room ma Wi-Fi signal nai tipdena vane ni hunxa. mathi ko floor ma **0** signal reception.
2. **online gaming and streaming (3/10)**\- ping issue (bich ma data kholera game khelna parepaxi kaam vaena wifi vako). **online streaming** other than youtube and netflix (123movies, fmovies,aniwave etc.) buffers too much even in 720p (*cannot complain much for pirating*) but saaja parepaxi even youtube struggles with 1080p playback if 2-3 devices are connected)
3. **download speed (2/10)**\- *bihana* Gdrive bata 3-4 GB file download garda matra acceptable speed hunxa(10-11 MBps) tara normal well seeded torrent (eg. ubuntu iso, infinity war) download garda max (3-7 MBps) hunxa.

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