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Driving to Pokhara

Planning to drive from Siliguri,India to Pohkhora towards December end and had a few queries.
If anyone has driven the same, would appreciate helping with some pointers.

1. How’s the fog scenario usually in December time ?
2. Is Siliguri to Pokhara doable in a single day ? Planning to leave early morning and ideal get there before dark. Saw a few posts mentioning about the under construction roads so I am doubting now if I can cover up time on the road or not- google maps is showing like 17 hours. If that’s not possible I guess will have to do a stay over for the night and continue the next day
3. For layover which place would be ideal ? Someone suggested Mugling
4. Also google map is showing 3 routes, I am assuming the shorted one is the best one here ?

Any inputs are much appreciated

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