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K bha yaar esewa lai?

Ma KYC unverified khalti ra aafno mobile banking le khushi thye. chaiyela bhanera esewa thyo verified. “Ticket kinde na” bhanera paisa pathayecha saathi le. Tara ticket kinna lai esewa app chaldaina raicha. bigmovies ko web ma gayera garnu pardo raicha, tara mero biometric thyo password birsya thye. Now starts the real problem.

If you forget your password, firstly, you cannot reset it from the app. You have to go to a previously logged in browser in order to reset the password. If not, they say that the only method to reset is to contact customer service. The customer service number does not have any employees instead, there’s an automated system that just asks you to go to the app to lodge a complaint. In the app when you click on customer support/grievances, it tells you that it will send you an OTP but only after you send it a message, when you send a message it says ” sorry your request failed. Please try again.”

It is truly shit. It seems they don’t want any human involvement in there. Yo ta illegal hunu parne ho ta. Kahai euta manche lai contact garna milna. NTC toll free, automated. landline, automated. Viber no. uthdaina. Grievance officer uthdaina. App chaldaina.

Tespachi maile khalti khole, ani khalti ko toll free ma phone gare, uthayo (actual person, wow) “Urgently kyc verify garnu parne thyo” bhane. KYC verified immediately. Promo le cashback pani diyo.
bank ma 5k without charges pathauna pani mildo raicha without linking. Khalti daddy ftw.

tl/dr: esewa ma customer support ma robot, bugs, ra frustration matra cha. Password birsida massive tanaab. Advance mai browser ma login garnu ra cookies reset na garnu.

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