I Act Rudely Towards My Parents and Sister

I Act Rudely Towards My Parents and Sister

I often find myself speaking harshly to my parents and sister, and I’m not entirely sure why. It usually happens when they give me lectures or life lessons that I feel are unnecessary. I try to hold back, but after about five minutes, I lose control and express my true feelings, making sure not to use vulgar language.

I do engage in heated arguments with some people, but those are usually focused on proving my points rather than being rude. However, when it comes to my parents and sister, I tend to be more candid about how I really feel about them. These are the three people with whom I often act rudely.

These days, I hate my family members because I feel they still hold onto old-fashioned beliefs and principles.

I often feel guilty about my rudeness towards my family, but at the same time, it seems like I don’t have any other choice but to act this way.
If there’s anything I can change and do better than please let me know.

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