Gender Equality ➤

Gender Equality

So today I want to come up to trending topic of modern days “Gender equality”. I might be wrong on this but I want to put forward an opinion. We all know the fact that our society has been historically dominant by men. In every part of the world, it was controlled by men. So yeah, I agree that those times was not the time of equality. but today it’s gradually changing. We see a lot of women getting into sports, politics and in pretty much everything that men are doing.

So, I want to say that “Shouldn’t we guys just accept the fact that women’s and women’s are different?”. People should focus more on oneself than talk about genders. I know women raising voice was the cause of change in mentality of people about women’s. But we have to realize the difference between us. It’s a fact that 90% men are always physically stronger than women. It’s fact that men can’t touch women without consent. It’s the fact that women can’t go out at night just like men. It’s fact that women’s football team can’t get the audience as men’s. I am not saying it cannot change but it will take a lot of time. But I am saying that women can do dancing, singing and modeling stuffs which they can just do better than sports and grab more attention from audience. I am not saying women should only sing. But they have to realize that, at some of the thing’s men are just better. Same goes for men as well. They have to accept that women’s are just better than men’s at some of the stuffs. I am not saying everyone is same. We also see some men who are great at dancing than women and some women who are just better boxer than men. But i am saying it in general there is the difference.

But what I would say is men’s and women’s are equal on intelligence. Intelligence really depends on individuals. If couples have to make decisions, they have to go for who is more intelligent rather than just men’s. Or they just have to discuss themselves for making the best decision possible.

I have seen a lot of young generations dominating girls and not accepting that women are more than who we think they are. Girls are also not accepting that we are different. They expect us to treat them like Queens. Some of them are always talking about how everything should be equal rather than accepting the facts. I don’t know what’s wrong with some of them. They always get offended even at small things. I think they just want to argue that men must treat them like queens. I think everything really depends on acceptance of differences between males and females and embracing it moving forward. People should focus more on developing themselves. As I said I might be wrong coz it’s just an opinion. If you can, you can change my mind.

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