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toys and childhood

wildest realization that times really have changed. cousins from my line started getting married and having children. these new kids get showered with toys every family meeting. malai kasto achamma lagchha kina ni when i was young, we didnt have that. ma 21 ho aile and i have a brother 5 years older than me. we were definitely had enough but i remember only getting toys/games on dashain. hamro baba would take us and we could either get dress/clothes or a toy. dresses ta aru bela ni pauchha(eg birthday, bihe party) bhanera we always picked games like ludo, snake and ladder, chess, checkers and all. 2 ta barbie thyo hola ma sanga bacha ma. aile mero aafnai mamu le everytime bhetda kei na kei khelauna lagdinu hunchha, which is like once evry 2 weeks. this kid is not even 2 and he has so many things to play with plus toys dont come cheap nowadays 800-1000 ta minimum janchha for a doll or a truck. bacha haru ni kati khusiii hunchhan pheri kelauna dekhera cute. i am not jealous but its so shocking. hamile ta kasto care garthyo ni khelauna ko, baby harulai ta matlab nai chhaina ba. staircase mathi bata remote control car haru faldai hiddchhan. its not like my family has more money now than we did before, tei ni why do my parents spend freely aile when they had a clear rule with us. maybe GRANDparents vibes ayechhi esto hunchha ho?


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