Don't wanna hurt anyone ➤

Don’t wanna hurt anyone

so basically i was talking to this guy whom i met on sept 8 , we met online and started talking. He said he was here for only 1 and half months for holidays, he’ll get back to india for studies. That time he only had 8 9 days in nepal. We talked for 8 9 days. those 8 9 days were so fun . Talking about various things. He went india after that, he said he has various things to do as it is his final year . I said okay , i can wait for you . You just complete your studies. we can talk after that. he said he’ll talk to me after 6 7 months. At that time , i just said ok. But now I just need him, I have called him, texted him but he is not replying. for whatever time we had talked i felt he is really nice guy. I can wait for him till the time he completes his studies if I am sure he don’t have anyother one . Or he also feels same as me. But i don’t know anything. It’s all virtual so it’s all messed up. I feel like I’ll wait and then we’ll met but whatif he doesn’t like me in real. What if it becomes expectation vs reality . So i am hell confused. I really need him rn. But he is not available. should i explore my options or stick to him only. But i don’t wanna hurt anyone in this thing. If i’ll talk to new guy but my head is stuck with previous guy what to do. hell confused. IK some of you will feel I am dumb or whatever but i need some different perspective . Ready for any advice.

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